Sherlock Pipe Glass 5.7 inch

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Sherlock Pipe Glass Fashion Tobacco Pipe  

Colorful Glass Pipe 82g Tobacco Pipes Spoon Pipes

Length: 5.7″ about 14.5cm

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Sherlock Pipe Glass Fashion Tobacco Pipe   

Colorful Glass Pipe 82g Tobacco Pipes Spoon Pipes   

Length: 5.7″ about 14.5cm

Weight: 82g

Function: Dry herbs Cannabis Tobacco

  sherlock pipe

The Sherlock pipe is an absolute classic among those in the smoking community. Modeled after the pipe smoked by the iconic Sherlock Holmes, this pipe presents both practicality and a flair for style. It is named as such due to the shape. Sherlock pipes typically feature a large bowl with a gracefully arched stem that makes for smooth, clean hits. Often the bottom of the bowl itself is flat, enabling the piece to stand up without it tipping over, reducing the chance for any breakage when it is not in use. All around, it is a great option for smokers everywhere who want a dependable, sophisticated piece.

Depending on the size of the bowl on your Sherlock pipe, you should be able to get anywhere from three to six hits. However, if you are careful not to torch your dry herb and instead take hits while carefully lighting the sides or corners of the bowl, you should be able to get a considerably larger amount of hits. The best part is, there are a variety of various kinds of Sherlock pipes depending on your taste and smoking needs.  Furthermore, they are quite portable and make for an excellent group session.


Smoke Grey, Jade Green, Purple, Blue, Duck Green, Yellow, Amber, Black, Clear


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