Dry Herb Vaporizer Titan 1 Full Kit

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 Dry Herb Starter Kit Titan 1 Vaporizer Kit with 2200mAh Battery Vape Pen

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 Dry Herb Vaporizer Kit Starter Kit Titan 1 with 2200 mAh Battery Vape Rig


Dry Herb

Dry Herb Titan 1 Description:

1. High capacity rechargeable battery : nearly 80 minutes continuous use.

2. Light weight and portable with good vapor quality .

3. Easily operated ,Well designed heating chamber .

4. Healthy vapor replace the smell of smoke

5. Vaporize medicinal herb anywhere and anytime.

Titan 1 Selling Point:

1,Dry Herb Vaporizer ( For dry herbs, wax)

2,Power on/off 5 clicks in 3 seconds Power on/off

3,Temperature adjustment.When heating process,press button beyond 1 second to set temperature.

The temperature indicator turns to red at 182.2C, green at 193.3C, blue at215.5C

4,Alarm and Protection:Low Voltage Alarm:LED indicator blinks red for five times, power off automatically.

When heating Process last for 10 minutes, power off automatically

5,Bottom USB charge

Titan 1 Kit includes:

1pc x TITAN body
1pc x USB Charging Cable
1pc x Cleaning Brush
5pc x Mesh Filter
4pc x Silicone cover
1pc x User Manual

1pc x Gift Box


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