9″ ash catcher 14mm


9″ ash catcher 14mm

ASH CATCHER with 14/18 downstem and 14mm bowl

Smoking Accessories Ash catcher for Rig Pipes glass bongs

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9″ bong ash catcher 14mm

 with 14/18 downstem and 14mm bowl

 for Rig Pipes glass bongs

Item Description:

Total length: 23cm= 9 inch Approx

Net Weight: 215g Approx

Joint:  14.4mm male



Pull the smoke through water to cleanse and diffuse the smoke for a smoother hit. Consider this an extra filter that will make the smoke produced by your pipe or bong easier to inhale.

When you use an ash catcher, you can expect to spend less time cleaning the main chambers of your bong or pipe between uses while enjoying cooler, smoother smoke that is less likely to leave you in a coughing fit. Some people use these accessories to make their pipes and bongs more approachable for beginning smokers, but many others consider the addition of an ash catcher an upgrade that even the most experienced herb lovers can appreciate.