Portable Vaporizers in Canada and the U.S. have increased in popularity since the Cannabis Legalization push in recent years. Smart smokers search for healthier, cleaner ways to enjoy their favorite buds, herbs and tobacco. Vaporizer technology has been given a huge boost with Canada legalizing Cannabis and other countries around the world heading in that direction. The newest models are equipped with premium titanium and ceramic coils and new,  improved batteries to give you all the vaping power you could need. We have vaporizers for wax, oils & dry herb and All in 1 Kits.


If you require a vaporizer on the go, a portable vaporizer is the best option to choose. We stock a wide range of portable vaporizers from all leading manufacturers such as Elite vaporizer from Grenco Science, Conqueror from BudSpirit, Snoop Dogg Pro, Yocan , Hugo Vapor and many more great vaporizer products…


A Vape pen looks and works very much like electronic cigarettes (or e-cigs). A Vape pen contains a battery powered heating element that vaporizes dry herbs without producing smoke.

Choose from dry herb vapes, wax pens and 4 in 1 vaporizers capable of accommodating concentrates, herbs and e-liquids. We feature a comprehensive range from all the leading vaporizer brands.

GanjGuruShop has a range of cheap cannabis vaporizers that ship Free, glass vapes, steel vapes, pens, portables for all types of vaping.

Temperature Control:

The generally agreed ideal temperature of vaporization is around 360-400 F. (180-200 C.) Some vaporizers have automated temperature setting. Some feature temperatures based on your inhalation speed.  While other allows you to adjust the temperature to achieve a consistent temperature.

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