Smoking Pipes


We have a unique selection of smoking pipes! Premium quality pipes for those looking for cheap priced pipes to get you started. You will find styles and prices to suit every budget. You can choose from hand, spoon, sherlock, and unique and colorful designs.


Bubblers are a small version of bongs and typically a cross-over between bongs & glass pipes. They are portable like smoking pipes due to their smaller size. They do also have the advantage of water filtration.


Here at GanjaGuruShop, we have beautiful collections of glass for sale.  Beautiful glass pipes can be a good way to give a unique cannabis gift with style. We offer free discrete shipping to Canada and the U.S.

Sherlocks Pipes:

The Sherlock pipe is an absolute classic among those in the smoking community. Modeled after the pipe smoked by the iconic Sherlock Holmes, this pipe presents both practicality and a flair for style. It is named as such due to the shape. Sherlock pipes typically feature a large bowl with a gracefully arched stem that makes for smooth, clean hits. All around, it is a great option for smokers everywhere who want a dependable, sophisticated piece.  Depending on the size of the bowl on your Sherlock pipe, you should be able to get anywhere from three to six hits. The best part is, there are a variety of various kinds of Sherlock pipes depending on your taste and smoking needs.  Furthermore, they are quite portable and make for an excellent group session.

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