How to Identify Male and Female Weed Plants

Identifying Male Weed Plants

A male plant, compared to a female plant of the same strain, generally has a thicker stalk and the Leaves are almost in line with each other. Female Plants will have staggered leaves but this isn’t noticeable in first few weeks of growth. That is because it gets taller than female plants and needs to be able to support the weight. They also have fewer leaves than female plants

Check the joints on the stalk for male flowers. The little balls that grow on the joints of the stalk (where the other branches meet the main stalk) are the main indicators of male plants. These flowers release pollen and need to be removed for a better crop.

If you’re trying to create new plants or reproduce, you need to leave these balls undisturbed.

Female plants will have these bulbs too, but will also have long, translucent hairs on them. If you only see 1-2 on a plant, wait and see if more develop before cutting them

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